Sacramental Life

Sacramental Life

Sacraments are key moments of celebrating the spiritual life of the WHOLE parish and church community; and not simply for individuals or families. They are moments in which we celebrate and imitate the hospitality of God.  Please contact us so that we can guide you through the preparation and other requirements of an abiding sacramental life.

Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist are initiation-moments along the way of life. This journey differs for infants/children, children who have reached a significant age of awareness and self-understanding, and for adults.  201220_Christian_Initiation–Adults_Children_Infants_and_Babies

Anointing of the Sick is not reserved solely to those who are seriously ill or close to death. Indeed, it is important to celebrate the sacrament regularly if you face the challenge of age, physical and mental ill-health or other significant condition. Helping_the_Sick_and_Dying (2)

Please note: We usually anoint during mass each quarter, but at this time please contact us to discuss another suitable time.  

Reconciliation (also spoken of as Penance or Confession) is a moment in which we celebrate that our heart has moved in sorry for our sin towards God and others, and is now open to God’s mercy. Please note: The priest is always available for reconciliation at a mutually convenient time. As well, we celebrate Communal Rites of Reconciliation (with Individual Confession) during Advent and Lent. 201220_Sacrament_of_Penance–Rites_of_Reconciliation

Marriage is the only sacrament within which the couple are the principal celebrants – their special moment with the sacrament of love that the church blesses with joy. Please note: It is best to make contact with us well before (12 months is best) you lock in any wedding arrangements. 201220_Celebrating_Christian_Marriage

Ordination is a special moment of celebration for those who are elected to service in the church community as leaders of worship and prayer, the celebration of the sacraments and the pastoral care of others regardless of their faith disposition.  Please note: if you are interested in finding out more about the requirements of diaconate or priesthood, please make contact with the Diocesan Vocations Director.

While Funerals are NOT sacraments (even though they are often celebrated within a Christian Funeral Mass) they are important to families and the community; uniting grief and hope in a moment of utter trust in God’s mercy and eternal life.  

Please note: We are delighted to assist in whatever way we can in celebrating the memory of your loved one. Please make contact with us before too many other arrangements are made, to ensure the availability of someone to preside at the Funeral Service and/or the church building.

Please see the separate page for funerals being live streamed from our parish.

Sacramental Program


if you have a child who has been baptised Catholic; Year 4 or older, who would like to make their First reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation this year please  contact Vera in the Parish Office

Ph: 4055 4315 / Email: