April 29, 2020


A Columbarium and Memorial Wall will be constructed in the coming weeks to respect the memory of our dead.

The Parish Pastoral Council and the Finance Team had discussed the construction of a Columbarium in the grounds of the church, near the gravesite of a former parish priest.

A Columbarium provides a number of small niches can take on many designs and may also include a Memorial Wall which provides a place for plagues in memory of those who may be buried/interred elsewhere. Their aim is to provide a respectful place where the ashes of parishioners and loved ones can be placed, and plaques attached in their memory. All this while remaining connected with the worshipping space of the community; enabling family and friends to pray for, and reflect on their loved ones who have died.

A Columbarium provides a number of small niches in a respectful construction where the ashes of parishioners and loved ones can be placed (interred), and plaques attached in their memory. The Memorial Wall will

The Columbarium, like the church graveyard of old, is a link between the living and the dead who are ever joined in the communion of saints. From Baptism to death and life beyond we share a common bond of love — linked by faith and prayer, honour and respect.

It is planned that the construction of our Columbarium (which will include a Memorial Wall) will commence in coming weeks to help stimulate local employment opportunities at this time of pandemic. It is also planned the structure will be enhanced, in time, by a peaceful garden setting.

The pricing for a niche and/or plaque are currently being assessed to help families who may wish to enquire further or reserve a niche even now.

Please contact the parish office if you have any query at this time, including the pricing schedule of a double or single niche or plaque.

Preliminary design work is attached.


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